Our Ethos

GreenRoof Asia is a Hong Kong-based green roof specialist. Our focus is the design and installation of customized green roof systems. With our expert knowledge, we provide innovative ideas and solutions that will work on most rooftops. Our rooftop systems are unique in that they venture beyond the scope of conventional green roofs and incorporate man-made wetlands, urban farming, rainwater harvesting and renewable energy solutions… indeed anything else that will help drive sustainability and is of interest to our clients or us.

The GreenRoof Asia green roof model can deliver a sustainable rooftop that:
• Provides physical space for work, educational and social activities
• Creates energy savings and reduces the building’s carbon footprint
• Increases a roof life span, by up to three times
• Reduces air pollution and improves local air quality
• Provides a comfortable thermal environment
• Improves storm water drainage
• Provides original habitats for urban wildlife
• Enhances green building recognition and accreditation.

Ultimately, our ethos is simple. GreenRoof Asia create beautiful sustainable living roofs that change buildings, cities and lives. We are very proud to be part of a global movement that is striving for more livable, healthy cities.